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GINGER ALE Le Tribute - 6 Bottles

GINGER ALE Le Tribute - 6 Bottles

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Ginger Ale - 200ml (6 bottles)

Le Tribute’s ginger ale hails from the outskirts of Barcelona. A delightful balance of fiery ginger and hints of fresh lemon. Make sure you serve it well chilled.

Natural Ingredients

Ginger. We use different varieties of ginger whose main characteristic is freshness and that give to the liquid a soft and sweet character.

Lemongrass. LE TRIBUTE ginger ale contains natural lemongrass flavouring, providing it with a flavour that is unique and ideal for highlighting aromatic notes.

Spring water. We use water extracted from a spring, which is then filtered through a reverse osmosis process until it becomes demineralised and flavourless.

Production Process

Boiling the ginger. We use a specific method of boiling the ginger to convert the ginger molecules into zingerone, which provides ginger with its sweetness and freshness.

Fizz. Strong and long-lasting thanks to the liquid being chilled to 2ºC before bottling, thus achieving a cocktail with the perfect level of fizziness and freshness from beginning to end.

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